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Helping You Move Forward

I have wanted to be a therapist for as long as I can remember. I don't have any specific groundbreaking event, though it is something I have felt certain that is what I would be doing since a very young age. I feel that it is fitting for my personality as I am interested in people, observant, easy to talk to, and patient. I feel genuinely grateful for everyone that trusts me with their stories and I take my role seriously to learn effective strategies to help people that choose to open up to me. I find helping people to improve their lives incredibly rewarding.

I have experience working in a facility providing individual counseling for adults with HIV/AIDS and a mental health diagnosis, LGBTQIA populations, working as the mental health director of a facility of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and working in a Rehabilitation facility for people with substance abuse addictions.

I have specialized training in Exposure Response Prevention through the International OCD Foundation's BTTI training course and through NOCD. 

In my spare time I enjoy playing banjo with my husband who plays the fiddle, going on hikes, and gardening.

About Me: About Me
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